4 little-known benefits of Uber One

4 little-known benefits of Uber One

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Uber introduces Uber One to replace Uber Eats, and it comes with special bonuses.

Key points

  • Uber One is a paid membership program that offers benefits such as savings on rides through Uber and orders through Uber Eats.
  • Uber One members get $0 in delivery fees on Uber Eats, 5% off and top-rated drivers on Uber, plus other special offers and perks.
  • The Uber One promise gives subscribers $5 in Uber Cash if your order is late.

COVID-19 has changed the way we eat. Food delivery has more than doubled in popularity during the pandemic, with Uber emerging as one of the leaders. In late 2021, Uber Technologies announced the launch of Uber One, an all-new membership program to replace Uber’s Eats Pass. Here are the advantages and advantages of the subscription.

What is Uber One?

Like DoorDash’s DashPass and Grubhub+, Uber One is Uber’s premium paid subscription that gives you access to benefits like savings on rides through Uber and orders through Uber Eats. According to their website, members save an average of $25 per month with Uber One. Uber One offers:

  • Unlimited delivery costs at $0 on Uber Eats
  • 5% off and the best drivers on Uber
  • Up to 10% off eligible Uber Eats delivery and takeout orders
  • Uber One benefits, including special offers and promotions

How much does Uber One cost?

Uber One costs $9.99 per month or $99 for an annual subscription. Uber One members receive a $0 delivery fee and up to 10% off eligible orders at restaurants and stores marked with the Uber One icon.

If you’re a Disney+ subscriber, you can get six free months of Uber One (a $59 value) and $25 off your first Uber Eats order. This is valid for Disney+ subscribers who are new to Uber One. After your six months are up, you can cancel your subscription or let it auto-renew at $9.99/month. This agreement ends on September 19.

You can also get a free 12-month Uber One membership if you’re an American Express cardholder. Cardholders must additionally use their eligible American Express consumer card as the method of payment during checkout in order for any Uber One discount to apply to Uber Eats orders.

What are the benefits of Uber One?

In addition to its free unlimited delivery on qualifying orders of food, groceries and more, here are four other benefits of Uber One:

1. The Uber One promise

With the Uber One Promise on Qualifying Deliveries, subscribers will receive $5 in Uber Cash if their latest arrival estimate, shown after placing your order, is incorrect. The Uber One promise applies to any active order where the last arrival estimate is exceeded by any amount.

2. 5% off

Uber One is offering members a 5%-10% price guarantee on qualifying orders at restaurants and stores marked with the gold Uber One icon under their name in the app. Members also get 5% off eligible Uber rides. The 5% discount does not apply to journeys booked 30 minutes or more in advance. Minimum orders for free shipping are $15 for non-participating grocery stores and $30 for participating grocery stores.

3. Priority Service

Uber One members get priority service with the best drivers on the rides. You also get premium customer support.

4. Exclusive Benefits

Uber One members will get exclusive access to benefits like special offers and promotions, as well as invite-only experiences

“We want our customers to experience for themselves how Uber can make their daily lives easier,” said Awaneesh Verma, Membership Manager at Uber. “Uber One offers preferred access to all of Uber’s services: rides, delivery and groceries. Members get preferred rates, premium support and surprise and delightful perks that can make every day more fun.”

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