The Baby Dilemma

We find out the gender of Baby #2 on July 24th. That’s only a few short weeks away. This pregnancy has definitely gone a lot smoother and quicker than the previous. So far that’s been a huge relief. Matthew and I both decided that after this child is born he would get a vasectomy. This means our baby making days are done. After he’s finally sterile we shouldn’t have to worry about the possibilities of another kid. Then again my life is always full of surprises. Watch, I’ll end up with triplets. Heh.


This leaves me with a dilemma, and truthfully it’s probably one of the most selfish dilemmas I’ve ever had. Why? Because there are so many ladies who face infertility every day. As much as I am happy to have another addition to the family there is part of me that is really hoping I’ll have a little girl. Don’t get me wrong I love my boys. Unfortunately the only other female in my family is my cat. I promise this isn’t about dressing up my future daughter in dresses & hair bows. It’s about having another girl in the family. There are days when I feel very out numbered. I’ve always imagined having tea parties with my future daughter, and playing with dolls. When she’s older we can talk about finding the right boyfriend, and maybe even help her plan her future wedding.

I had family members who told me that boys are always momma’s boys. Not Leo. Leo is such a daddy’s boy. If Leo could be attached to Matthew’s hip he would. He has such an amazing personality. He truly gives me a run for my money every day.  I couldn’t imagine Leo ever being a girl. Maybe when he’s a little bit older Leo will warm up to me. Who knows?

The dilemma is a personal battle I’ll have to wage. I worry that I’ll be forever slightly disappointed I never had a girl when we find out the gender & it’s a boy. Oh, that sounds so melodramatic. It is is the truth though. On the other hand I’ll be forever grateful that I helped give life to not just one but two people. 

Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones talking. Who knows.  

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Desiree Morris is a stay at home mom, brand advocate, and blogger. She is one of thousands affected by the devastating EF5 Tornado in Joplin, MO. Now residing back in Kansas, Desiree dabbles in a variety of topics.


  1. I found your blog via Kansas Women Bloggers and I’m loving it. I’ve read a ton of posts and am so inspired by your determination. Can’t wait to read more!
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