Step Parenting Woes

This week has really been off track. I can definitely tell it affected my site views. I’m really sorry for being so absent. I have no intention of abandoning my blog. Wednesday I had only 2 hours of sleep the prior night because silly me forgot to take a dose of Wellbutrin, and I was afraid of going to sleep. . I also had some effects from my botched epidural return. For those unaware my anesthesiologist really screwed up my epidural. Actually no. He fucked up my epidural. There were three attempts made on different parts of my back. The anesthesiologist hit a blood cell and struck a nerve the first time. The second time he struck a nerve. Then he said he was going to get a “fresh set of eyes on me” because he can’t find a place on my back because “I’m too big.” The third time the other anesthesiologist was able to get the epidural in within 5 minutes. Not only did get I get a lovely epidural headache I also have nerve damage in my back. I was told I will have issues from the epidural for about a year. Hurray! I’ve also been springing cleaning because I will be interviewed this Wednesday by a news station. BecauseI will be gone for pretty much most of the day expect Fabulous Freebie Wednesday to either be late or postponed until next week.

I received my very first products to review by a wonderful company. I am right now completely testing all of the samples I received. Once I am done testing them expect a review. You should see it sometime in the upcoming week.

I will be baking cookies with my stepson tomorrow. I’m trying my best to get him away from electronics. We found out he is playing so much with his new game console he received on his birthday he is going to the nurse’s station with headaches. It personally bothers me when he was asked what he does when he’s not here. His response was “I play video games & watch TV.” Then he was asked if he plays with toys and his response is “Not so much.” It worries me because The Pickle is only 7 years old. Won’t this be detrimental to him?  He plays his video game console from the time he gets home until very late. He usually ignores me. Earlier this evening I was trying to talk to him. He gave me nothing but dirty looks. I really didn’t think becoming a stepparent would be this difficult.

It’s been really difficult for me to get into the stepmother role. There is such a stigma with stepparents and I don’t quite get why. So I’m going to ask the following questions to all of my readers.

Question 1: If you are a stepparent how long did it take you to adjust to the role?  Were you able to transition easily or were there bumps on the road?
Question 2: Do you allow your children to play video games? Why or why not?
Question 3:  If you are a stepparent how is your relationship with the “other family” going?

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