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If you are family or friends you know of my love for barbecue, grits, and comfort food. I look forward to summer because summer = BBQ. I wish I had the space for a grill because if I did I know I would grill every day. Sadly that isn’t the case. I need my barbeque fix, and I think I found the best spot for delicious barbeque in Pittsburg, KS. I would have never known the place existed if it wasn’t for my father ordering from them one day. The best barbeque in Pittsburg is in a little shack on 4th street. 


Pittsburg KS BBQSmokey Racks BBQ is family owned and operated by Jared and Danielle Sharpe. The shack was founded in December 2010. They recently had two locations but have decided to focus on Pittsburg, KS location for now with the goal of expanding in Missouri & Oklahoma. Smokey Racks BBQ offers catering, delivery, walk-ins, and carry out. 

Smokey Racks BBQ has a variety of barbeque available including ribs, hot links, brisket, chicken, and pulled pork. They don’t use liquid smoke, or an oven. They have a barbeque pit beside their shack. They are the real deal. No gimmicks: just barbeque. 


One of their most unique items on their menu is a Loaded Spud. Oh my gosh. The Loaded Spud is, in my opinion, the best item on their menu. So what exactly is a Loaded Spud?  Imagine a baked potato with sour cream, ranch, and cheddar cheese taken to the next level with a delicious serving of barbeque meat on top. That my friend’s is a Loaded Spud. And it’s down right freakin‘ amazing.  




You can add chicken, brisket, pulled pork, or hot links. You can add up to four meats to your spud.  The spud I’m presenting to you today is half chicken and half brisket. Can you say Mmm


I knew you could.  

If I had to choose between the chicken and the brisket I would have a hard time deciding. Their chicken and brisket are both full of flavor. If I had to stick with one meat, however, it would be beef brisket because I love beef. 

I’ve tried replicating a Loaded Spud at home and fail every time. I definitely think it’s because I can’t duplicate Smokey Racks BBQ’s barbeque. There is something truly wholesome about their meat. Maybe it’s because they put love into everything they make. Maybe it’s because Smokey Racks BBQ knows how to make good ol’ fashioned barbeque. I’ll never know.

If you live in Four State Area I recommend visiting Smokey Racks BBQ. Once you try a Loaded Spud you’ll be hooked. 

Visit Smokey Racks BBQ on Facebook & Twitter. Smokey Racks BBQ is located on 912 w. 4th St in Pittsburg. They now accept debit and credit cards.  



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