Silly Lips Lip Balm – Which Silly Lips Girl Are You?

I am a huge fan of lip balm – especially now as a mother. It’s a lot easier to put on lip balm than lip stick when I’m playing with my son. I am so much of a fan of lip balm I don’t leave the house unless I have lip balm & eyeliner on. Today I am going to talk about a lovely lip balm I got to sample. It’s called Silly Lips, and the marketing behind the product is genius. I stumbled upon Silly Lips a few weeks back looking for freebies to post. I was blown away when I was sent these as  I didn’t expect to receive a full product – which is what I got.

Leila Larson is the creator of Silly Lips lip balm. Silly Lips started out as an obsession in Leila’s kitchen six years ago. After her friends & family raved over her lip balm (and who wouldn’t? Her lip balms are great!) they encouraged her to start selling it. This is where the genius marketing behind Silly Lips comes in. Leila wasn’t sure what flavors she should make so she did what any other person would do: ask her friends!  Not only did they give their input they became the faces of Silly Lips we see today.

Let me introduce to you.. The Silly Girls.

Bangin’ Bekah has a hint of sugar strawberry. She is my second favorite flavor if I  had to rank them. I don’t know if it’s intentional but I did get a subtle tint on my lips when I used Bangin’ Bekah. Here is Bangin’ Bekah’s story:

“bangin bekah is always having fun…her beauty and radiant energy always draws a crowd wherever she goes. Dancing is her middle name and music is her life. Get ready to rock the night away with bangin bekah!”

Kinky Katie has a hint of vanilla mint. She is my favorite flavor out of all three of the Silly Lips girls.  Here is Kinky Katie’s story:

“kinky katie is the ultimate temptress…she’s quirky, outspoken and plays by her own rules. Her stunning looks and captivating charm is an irresistible combination. Be prepared to surprise yourself with kinky katie.”

Finally we have Tasty Tracy. Tasty Tracy has a hint of peach coconut.  She was my least favorite flavor only because her flavor is a bit too subtle for me. That doesn’t take away from the product. All three flavors had amazing results which I will get into in a bit.  Here is Tasty Tracy’s story:

“tasty tracy is a true exotic beauty. Her love of the beach matches her sunny disposition and free spirit. She may be laid back but she’s full of life. Make sure you are ready for some fun in the sun with tasty tracy.”

Which Silly Lips girl do you relate with the most? I think I’m a mix of all three girls. If you thought lipgloss cases were gorgeous – Just take a look at the packaging:

Before I wrote this review I made sure I tried all three flavors. All three flavors were in high quality. When I used them I noticed the next day my lips were still conditioned.  They are also perfect on top of your favorite shade of lip stick to give it a little nutritional boost. Although all three Silly Lips Lip Balm flavors have a delicious scent they don’t have added sweetener. A bonus for those of us who end up licking off lip balm because of it’s flavor. Silly Lips Lip Balm is also infused with shea butter.

I love Leila used her friends an inspiration as characters & flavors for her lip balms. It is marketing, but it’s cute marketing. I could easily see these end up in a store like Bath & Body Works one day. It may be good advertising of her product if when or if she decides to make another lip balm flavor she holds a contest for the “next” Silly Lips Girl. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Silly Lips is proudly created in the USA and not tested on animals. All three flavors of Silly Lips retail for $12.50. That might seem like a steep price for some but each container of lip balm contains .400z lip balm. The standard stick of lip balm is .15oz. You would have to purchase 2 and a half sticks of lip balm to get the same amount you receive in a Silly Lips container.

Want to check out Silly Lips yourself? Here’s where you can find it:
Website: http://www.sillylips.com
Twitter: @SillyBrand
Facebook: SillyLips

Disclosure: I received Silly Lips Lip Balm to sample & review for my blog. I am not compensated for writing this blog, and as always I provide honest reviews. 

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