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Another week has passed on Nutrisystem. Can you believe I’m already half way through my first month? Week 1 felt like it went on forever but Week 2 flew. As you tell from my title I lost an additional 2 pounds this week making my total weight loss to date 10 pounds. Holy smokes! I was aiming to lose 10 pounds a month so I’m very pleased at already being at 10 pounds lost 2 weeks in. I guess this means I get my first Nutribear soon too! A Nutribear is Nutrisystem’s way of rewarding members who reach weight loss milestones in 10 pound increments. Once you pass 100 pounds lost you can receive a Nutribear in 25 pound increments.  When I receive my first Nutribear I’ll write an introduction for him.

I also want to share a bit an achievement. I noticed earlier this week my bra has been fitting rather loosely. I decided to measure my bust & chest to get an idea of my cup size. I’ve already lost three inches. That has resulted in me dropping 3 cup sizes. For the first time in 10 years I was able to run to Walmart to buy a bra. My husband keeps saying there are major changes going on in my body shape. I can’t quite see the changes yet. I was wanting to wait until a full month before I take weight loss photos but I am so intrigued at what my husband sees I might take them earlier. I’ll think about it.

Desiree's Weight Loss

This week has been really an eye opener. I’ve been struggling with keeping vegetables in the house.  I didn’t realize how much junk I kept in my pantry. When I go grocery shopping  I will be doing a complete pantry overhaul. I wrote a note to myself to make sure I buy tons of vegetables. Another food product I need more of  in my house are my Powel Fuels. Power Fuels are essential proteins that complement the Nutrisystem SUCCESS Select Program. As far as hunger goes I haven’t been hungry at all this week. Part of how I’m keeping my hunger at bay is how I am planning what I eat. For example when I add a Power Fuel to my lunch I’m opting to eat Non Fat Cottage Cheese rather than 1% Fat Cottage Cheese because I’m allowed to eat more of the Non Fat than I am the 1% Fat. I’m going to keep the Nutrisystem Food Guide (available online or in the SUCCESS Select Book you receive when you start the program) with me when I go the store so I know first hand what I should buy.

As promised from last week’s post I wanted to share with you how easy it is to log a meal using the Nutrisystem App for Android. When you sign into your Nutrisystem account you are immediately taken to your logs. You can literally log anything you want as you go.

Nutrisystem App

Click on Meal Planner to log your food.  The Nutrisystem App  tells you how many calories you have consumed so far in the day which is pretty nice.

Nutrisystem App

For this demonstration I am logging my lunch. I had Red Beans & Rice.

Nutrisystem App

I really love that Nutrisystem provides the nutritional information of the food you consume. You can find this information on the Nutrisystem website as well but I love how Nutrisystem showcases this in the mobile app. When you click on “Add” the meal will be logged both on the Mobile App and the Nutrisystem Website.

If you’re a Nutrisystem member and haven’t downloaded the Nutrisystem Mobile App I highly suggest you do! The App is also available on iTunes.


Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog



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  1. Congratulations! How awesome for you to see such quick results! It really makes such a difference and can help keep you on track when you’re seeing the scale change! :D
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  2. I am totally jealous! You’re shrinking and I’m as big as a house! I cannot wait to see pics and see the new fab you! You’re doing great! Keep it up!!!!!!!!
    Leila recently posted..Personalized Ornaments for the Holidays

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