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Thought I abandoned you, didn’t I? I’m apologize I’m not one of those people who start a blog, gets discouraged, and then quit. That isn’t my style. I’m here for the long run.  Did you miss me?

Let’s start last weekend when the tornado outbreak happened. My last blog was on April 11. A couple days before the event was suppose to start. Silly me and my PTSD was too frightened to do anything other than stare at the radar. I’m ashamed of myself. I didn’t exactly stare at the radar Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday however on Friday I happened to have an interview with a local news station. I will post a separate blog for the interview when it actually comes out.I had our emergency kit packed and a plan of action since we were suppose to be hit. We were lucky enough the entire weekend to not be hit with any severe weather. If the storms fired up a little sooner we would have gotten the same outbreak as the rest of my state did.  Thank you mother nature.

I believe I spoke about having issues with my eyes a couple of times before in my blog.  I see sparkles randomly, and when I move my eyes around I see flashes. Last week I woke up seeing black dancing dots.  I did what other proper crazy woman would do: race to the ER. After multiple blood test, a CT Scan, and a vision test I was told I was perfectly normal.  That wasn’t good enough for me. I knew what I was seeing. I made another eye appointment with my optician. This appointment happened this past Monday. I had my eyes dilated so my lovely optician could take a look. My vision, as bad as it is, looked good. There was no signs of glaucoma or macular degeneration. Then when it came to him looking at my optic nerves. My right eye was good, but my left eye not so much. After having photos & ultrasound pictures taken of my eyes I found out my left eye’s optic nerve has hemorrhaged.  I was then referred to a specialist because I might need surgery.

Guess I wasn’t crazy anymore.

I did my best to avoid the internet until my eye specialist. I was praying every all the time I did not have to need surgery. The eye specialist was really nice. He went over what the optician sent him and also took a look in my eyes. He didn’t really consider what was going on in my left eye as a severe hemorrhage. He called it minor swelling. It is what is causing the sparkles. The cause of the swelling? My pre-eclampsia & gestational diabetes. The flashes I have every day are an ocular migraine. Both the swelling, the sparkles, and the flashes will start to go away in the next 4 months. However the eye specialist warned me I may see sparkles, and flashes for the rest of my life because of the damage high blood pressure did.  Let this be a lesson to any women out there who think everything ends up completely OK after having pregnancy complications. It’s very important to keep a good check on your health during AND after pregnancy. At this point given all of the complications I have had I don’t think I can ever be pregnant again.

In between worrying about storms, wondering if I was going to lose my vision, and surviving motherhood in between that’s why I haven’t been around. I’m back though. I missed you all.

I have 3 product reviews I should get started on. Time to get back on the crazy lady train!

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Desiree Morris is a stay at home mom, brand advocate, and blogger. She is one of thousands affected by the devastating EF5 Tornado in Joplin, MO. Now residing back in Kansas, Desiree dabbles in a variety of topics.

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