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I have been writing on my blog, The Miracle Momma, for two months now. I’m giving myself a giant pat on the back. Although I have only been blogging for such a short time I have learned so much. Blogging has changed so much from when I was in high school.

1. Blogs are influential. No, seriously, they are VERY influential. I had no idea so many brands work with bloggers. It ranges anywhere from sponsorships, to product reviews, to Twitter Parties. One of the very first mom blogs I ever read years ago was The Pioneer Woman.  I remember it being a really put together blog. Fast forward a few years and now The Pioneer Woman has her own show on Food Network.  The second blog I found, again years ago, was Scary Mommy. Scary Mommy has blown up into a major community and there’s even a book.   Today I see other mom blogs holding giveaways for products like Soda Stream or Keurig Brewers. The list can go on. These bloggers are so influential that companies trust them with their products.  It is wonderful companies will listen to everyday people and utilize them as an outlet to get their products across.

2. The blogiverse is huge.  There are days where I feel like I am swimming in a school of hundreds of fish. What makes my voice different from someone else? When I think about how, in the scheme of things, small I am compared to more established blogs I realize that my voice IS different. Every voice is different. You may see 10 or 20 blogs talking about the same topic but their spin is what makes them unique.  Your voice is being heard. Your voice will be loud enough it will be heard across the internet.

3. Bloggers have conferences now. This may seem like a no brainer but the last time I ran a blog was circa 2006. There weren’t conferences back then. Blogging has became such a phenomena they have their own conferences. These conferences range from the get togethers of other niche bloggers to helping bloggers succeed to collaborating with  brands. Never in my mind did was I aware of bloggers being invited to go to places like DISNEY because they blog. I found a conference I want to go to. It’s the Bloggy Conference in Cincinnati, OH during September. I want to go because it brings women from all edges of the blogging world together.  Will I be able to go? Probably not. Since my blog is so small I won’t bring the attention of a company to sponsor me going.  I’m not going to give up on trying to go until September. I’ll do it the old fashioned way by saving change. Maybe I’ll even hold a lemonade stand. On second thought that might be kind of creepy.

4. Your blog can be a business. I never imagined people can make money just by maintaining a put together blog.  Is that appealing to me? Yes. I do want to monetize my blog so I can provide more for my family.  Does this mean my posts are going to be fabricated? No.  I write Product Reviews because I love reviewing things. I do it all the time with products I get in my household to my family members. If my review can help someone decide if they want to purchase something then I’m doing a good thing. I constantly search the web for product reviews before I try something out. If someone wants to run a blog just to make money that’s fine however I really believe that takes away the sole purpose of blogging: getting your voice heard.  Maybe your blog is in the business of just being a journal. That’s fine too! Whatever you do remember your business is the business of being you.

5. Mom Bloggers are very welcoming.  I don’t technically fit the mold of a mom blogger quite yet. I’m a 25 year old new mom with a 4 month old son & I’m also a step mother. I’ve been welcomed with open arms into the mom blogger community. I can easily hold discussions with more well established parents who have been parents for much longer than me without them looking down on me. It’s quite the opposite. Mom Bloggers are a very friendly, yet passionate, group of women. I feel very welcomed by other Mommy Bloggers.

I finally found something I love doing on this giant rock we call Earth. I love writing blogs. I love using my time on the internet to meet other people, share my opinions on products,  discussing my life as a mother, and wielding the power of social media to get my voice heard.

I’m proud of my 60-100 page views. I’m proud of my 400 Twitter Followers. I’m proud of my 42 Facebook Fans. My voice, as crazy as it is, is being heard somewhere.  If you’re one of returning readers or someone new Thank You for listening to my voice.

Before I go I have a friend who is where I was at two months ago. She’s new to the mommy blogging community. She’s spreading awareness for animal rights while talking about her day to day life with her son Alex. Will you give her some love by visiting her blog? It is called Fur-Babies are Babies Too.

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Desiree Morris is a stay at home mom, brand advocate, and blogger. She is one of thousands affected by the devastating EF5 Tornado in Joplin, MO. Now residing back in Kansas, Desiree dabbles in a variety of topics.

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