How to Get a Perfectly Cut Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time

Perfectly Cut Grilled Cheese Sandwich


When I enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich I like my sandwich cut diagonally. The problem with that is sometimes when I use a knife it doesn’t come out the prettiest. Most of the time I get a jagged cheesy mess. I came up with the perfect solution to perfectly cut a grilled cheese sandwich every time while I was cutting up grilled cheese sandwich squares for my 1 year old son.  Here’s what you need:

How to Get a Perfect Cut Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time
1 – Grilled Cheese Sandwich
1 – Cutting Board
1 – Pizza Cutter

The pizza cutter is your best friend. You don’t have to limit yourself to using a pizza cutter for pizza.  The pizza cutter is perfect for any grilled cheese sandwich, and other toasted sandwiches.

After preparing your grilled cheese sandwich transfer it from the pan to a cutting board. With your pizza cutter make a cut in the center in the sandwich. You can either cut it diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. For this demonstration I am cutting diagonally.

How to get a perfectly cut grilled cheese sandwich every time

It’s that simple. The result is a perfectly cut sandwich every time. Forget about using  a knife or a butter knife. Stick to a pizza cutter.

Perfectly Cut Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The pizza cutter is particularly useful if you’re cutting small sandwich squares for kids. I found out by accident while making my 1 year old a grilled cheese sandwich that the pizza cutter is the best tool for the job. Hopefully this post will help others looking for a way to get a perfectly cut sandwich whether it’s in little squares or cut diagonally.

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  1. Forget the cutting…that grilled cheese looks delicious! J/K, I won’t forget the cutting, I never thought about using a pizza cutter.
    Nina Say recently posted..The Best Gift – VTech InnoTab 2S Review

  2. You know what? You have just made kitchen magic in my house. I always cut with a knife and I believe I am perfect. I am on it.
    Elizabeth Towns recently posted..Closure Book Tour & Giveaway

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