Greek Frozen Yogurt Dots

One of the very first treats I pinned on Pinterest was Frozen Yogurt Dots. I can’t believe I am only now trying my hand at them! My inspiration comes from Jillie at  One Good Thing by Jillie. I don’t think my frozen yogurt dots are as pretty as hers, but they were so quick and easy to make! I decided to make my yogurt dots a little bit differently. Not too long ago I proclaimed my love for greek yogurt. I am still eating Chobani religiously. I think I may have converted my husband in eating greek yogurt. That was not an easy task.

At my local supermarket I found a new flavor of Chobani available. The flavor is Chocolate Vanilla Chunk 2% Low Fat Greek Yogurt. Yummy! I bought an extra container just to make yogurt dots with.

Greek Yogurt Frozen Dots - TheMiracleMomma.Com


If you’re not familiar with greek yogurt you are really missing out. The texture is so much creamier than regular yogurt. In my humble opinion: Greek yogurt is tastes a million times better than regular.

Greek Yogurt Frozen Dots - TheMiracleMomma.Com


You don’t need to worry about changing things up if you decide to make make frozen yogurt dots out of greek yogurt. Fill up a plastic sandwich bag with yogurt and snip the corner to make a piping bag. Don’t be like me and make a humongous tip like I did unless you want bigger dots. They eat all the same, right? :-)

For this post I used a glass plate covered with wax paper.

Greek Yogurt Frozen Dots - TheMiracleMomma.Com


If you live in a small apartment or duplex or have a refrigerator with small space you know how difficult it can be to store things. In Jillie’s recipe she piped dots onto a baking tray. My freezer could not fit a cookie sheet even if it’s life depended on it! You’re not completely out of luck if you can’t place a cookie sheet on a freezer. A plate, preferably a plastic plate, will do just fine in the freezer. I only have glass plates on hand. Since Greek frozen yogurt dots freeze in less than an hour I didn’t sweat placing the plate in the freezer.

Please Note: If you use a glass plate the plate will be pretty cold. I do not suggest stacking glass plates on top of plates in the freezer or leaving the glass plate in the freezer for more than an hour unless you want to crack a plate.

Greek Yogurt Frozen Dots - TheMiracleMomma.Com


In about an hour they will be nice and frozen. At this point you can either eat what you made or store them in a air tight container.



Greek Yogurt Frozen Dots - TheMiracleMomma.Com


Frozen Greek yogurt dots are so easy to make I definitely recommend keeping these on hand for your entire family. Even your little ones may enjoy them. They really do look like candy!



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