Celebrations by Lori

In downtown Pittsburg, Kansas there is a little bakery that bakes goods with big flavor. If you live in the 4 state area you might be familiar with Celebrations by Lori. If you are not, or you are new to the area then this review is for you. I’m kicking myself for not coming into Lori’s shop sooner.

Celebrations by Lori

Celebrations by Lori is a family owned and operated bakery. There aren’t that many bakeries like Celebrations by Lori around anymore. A lot of food is becoming commercialized and bakery items happen to be one of them. It’s sad local bakeries are disappearing. Nothing can compare to the taste of a made-from-scratch cake or cookie. Unless you make these own your own then you won’t get that taste in a packaged product. Those goods miss an element. That element is love. Lori has been creating baked masterpieces made out of love for over a decade. You can taste it in her goods. I received a sample of goods from Lori for this review and boy was I blown away.

Celebrations by Lori

In the box was 2 strawberry cupcakes, 2 honey dough cookies, 3 carrot cake mini cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and two oatmeal raisin cookies. Because I am trying to eat a healthier lifestyle I shared these with my husband with the exception of the honey dough cookies. I will get into that later. These are only a small sampling of what Lori can do.

Strawberry Cupcakes by Celebrations by Lori

Let’s talk about these strawberry cupcakes. Aren’t they cute? Strawberry cupcakes never go out of style. One problem I have when I bake cupcakes is how they sometimes come out a little bit dry. It doesn’t matter if I followed a recipe correctly. It has happened. I’ve always personally believed you can tell a lot about a baker when you try one of their smaller goods. If these strawberry cupcakes are any indication of how good Lori is then I would love to order a cake from her. The strawberry cupcake I got to sample was not only moist, but very delicious. I took a close up picture of the cupcake for everyone to see how moist the cupcake is.

Strawberry Cupcake

The same can be said for carrot cake mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Carrot Cake Mini Cupcakes Celebrations by Lori

Next up were the oatmeal raisin cookies. I love a good homemade oatmeal raisin cookie. Lori’s oatmeal raisin cookies reminded me of the oatmeal cookies my mother use to make me. They were chewy without being gritty. The spices were not overbearing, and provided a delightful aroma.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Now let’s talk about honey dough cookies. When Lori told me that the honey dough cookie is a customer favorite I didn’t know what honey dough cookie was. I’ve never heard of it. What is a honey dough cookie anyways? After tasting a honey dough cookie I think I can tell you all. A honey dough cookie is a party in your mouth. A honey dough cookie is soft yet deliciously rich. The cookie literally melts in your mouth. I might have died and went to cookie heaven.  I don’t think there is another cookie quite like Lori’s honey dough cookie. The honey dough resembles a flat sugar cookie with frosting.

Honey Dough Cookie

Looks can be deceiving.  I was baffled at how soft these honey dough cookies are.  When looking at them I would expect them to be a harder cookie.

Honey Dough Cookie Celebrations by Lori

I see why these cookies are a customer favorite. They are SO good. So good, actually, I refused to share either cookie with my husband. There is nothing quite like a honey dough cookie. It’s creamy and melt in your mouth goodness will have you craving for more. I know I am.

Lori’s work doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Lori bakes & decorates a little bit of everything. Lori gave me permission to share some of her photos from Celebrations by Lori with my readers. Lori has a full gallery available of cookies, wedding cakes, and miscellaneous cakes on her website.

Celebrations by Lori Owl Cookies

Owl cookies? Yes please! They are such a “hoot.”

Celebrations by Lori Wedding Cake

This is one of my favorite wedding cakes Lori has created. The bow is even made out of fondant.

Celebrations by Lori Purse CakeLori has created several purse cakes. I love how realistic they look.

Celebrations by Lori Cupcakes

Aren’t these cute? The roses are butter cream and the daises are gum paste.

Celebrations by Lori Birthday Cake

The detailed piping on the side of the cake takes skill to do because of the hand coordination. I could never decorate a cake like that.

It’s no secret that Lori is the “Buddy Valastro” of the 4 states. I know why my local mommy friends rave about Celebrations by Lori. Lori can do everything from stunning fondant cakes to magically delicious honey dough cookies. Lori even teaches cake decorating classes for those wanting to learn how to decorate. If you’re interested the next class starts on September 25, 2012.  I’m kicking myself for not visiting Celebrations by Lori when I moved from Joplin. I would love to order Leo’s 1st birthday cake from her. I’m planning on hinting to my husband about how much I would love an order of honey dough cookies. I might share them with him this time. Or not.

Celebrations by Lori is located at 602 N. Broadway in Pittsburg, KS.

To find out more information about Celebrations by Lori visit the Celebrations by Lori website. You will find an online gallery of Lori’s creations as well as a list of cake flavors & treats Lori makes.

Likewise you can visit Celebrations by Lori’s Facebook Page.


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  1. Ok tell me more about these honey dough cookies, is the consistency like a pancake? That is what it looks like. Does it taste like a sugar cookie? I have never ever heard of a honey dough cookie but I am on a mission now to find one
    jenn recently posted..To Thine Own Self And Wayfair Be True #Review

  2. Wow….she does FANTASTIC work. Wish I were in the area, but I know some people who are, so I’ll forward this to them. Thanks for the review….now I need to find a cute owl treat like the one you pictured here!
    julieann r recently posted..Weight Loss: When you only have a little to lose

  3. Wow, her work is beautiful! I want a fresh bakery by me! We used to have one here in Oakland, NJ but it went out of business :(
    Susan Bewley recently posted..Ginsu Sofuto Knives Review

  4. Jacqui Odell says:

    These look so good!!

  5. What amazing work – I am in LOVE with those little owls :)

  6. There are a few bakeries around here but none provide the one special ingredient that I do…LOVE! Lori’s Creations are beautiful!
    Heather Bryant recently posted..JEM, a Jewel to Me

  7. Wow! Amazing work, and such tasty looking goodies.
    Monique recently posted..Meant To Be

  8. I think I need some of everything in those pictures….YUM! I need homemade baked goods! lol
    Melody recently posted..Holidays……With Children

  9. Wow! Those all look delish! And as an inspiring cake decorator – she has mad skills! I love that purse cake! How awesome!
    Leila recently posted..Confession Time: Why I’ve been MIA

  10. Ahhh! Can you please beg her to deliver cupcakes or those honey cookies to Ohio. Pleeease? :D
    Brooke recently posted..Nuby Tickle Toes Bear Review

  11. Beautiful work & I know you posted those owls just for me, right? :) I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have shared that box with anyone. EVERYTHING looks amazing!
    Tara recently posted..Like Me On Facebook Wednesday Hop

  12. Wow! She’s very talented. I just drooled on my keyboard a little. ;)
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  13. Those Honey Dough Cookies Sound DELICIOUS!
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