A 4 Month Old Lion

My bouncy buns is four months old today. Time is flying by way too fast.  I wonder how much he has grown since his two month appointment. One of my son’s biggest milestones  so far is his communication skills. He has always tried to communicate since he was born but nothing would come out other than a grunt. Leo laughs, smiles, squeals, and throws temper tantrums now.  We had the greatest conversation in the middle of a temper tantrum the other day.  Just take a look:


Me: I can do that too! WAAAAAAAAAAH

Leo: *eyebrow raised* …

Me: The only one who can throw temper-tantrums on this house is me!

Leo: *smile*

Me: That’s right.


There isn’t a moment when he is awake, fussy or happy where he isn’t trying to communicate. I almost wish he had as much interest with toys and rolling over as he does with talking.  Yesterday I caught him trying to blow raspberries so I did what every parent does and grabbed a camera. In this case it was my phone.

-> Watch the Video Here <-

It’s moments like these that make me wonder how I got so depressed in the first place. I get so mad at myself for going into a downward spiral. Oh well. I can’t change the past.

At his four month appointment it is more than likely our Pediatrician will want him to finally stop the reflux medicine, and try solids. A friend who also has a reflux baby advised me using oatmeal rather than rice cereal is much gentler. Why would it be easier? The idea of rice cereal not being the best choice for a baby kind of baffles me. In children & adults rice is one of the key components to the B.R.A.T diet. Wouldn’t rice cereal work the same?

If any of my readers out there also had a baby suffer with reflux what did you start out with when your baby started solids? Did the reflux get worse? Did it get better?  Let me know in the comments section below.

I am afraid of his reflux ever acting up again. It took eight weeks for his reflux to be diagnosed. Those eight weeks were horrid – especially with multiple doctors & nurses telling me it was only “colic” and nothing can be done.

To all the doctors & nurses who told me there was nothing that could be done, who also said I should let someone watch my son for a while because “colic” was stressing me out.. This photo is for you.

This is a picture of  my son. The same child you kept saying had colic. He’s happy now. He didn’t “grow out of colic” by the way. He’s on medication for the reflux he had THE ENTIRE TIME. Thank you for immediately diagnosing my son with colic without looking at him. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have kept searching for an answer until I could finally get in with my pediatrician who immediately diagnosed him with reflux.

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